​Water Supply

The Government have accorded utmost importance for the provision and access to safe and adequate drinking water to every household in the Urban Local Bodies. Also, the ULBs aim to implement Water Supply schemes with an objective of addressing the norms prescribed by Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organisation (CPHEEO).

In order to meet this challenging objective, the Government have initiated various projects under various schemes. The Corporations (except Chennai) and Municipalities have started implementing major water Supply schemes on their own, besides the projects implemented by the parastatal agencies like Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board (TWAD) and the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (CMWSSB).

With the financial assistance from the various funding agencies, the water supply scheme taken by the urban local bodies are as follows:-


Under IUDM-2012-13 a sum of ₹83.81 crore has been allocated for 37 ULBs to take up water supply improvement works. The works are in various stages of implementation.

Efficient Water Management System

The Government have given attention to the improvement of Water Management Systems in Corporations and Municipalities. The following measures have been taken:-

  • Replacing inefficient motors and pumps to improve the efficiency of the pumping system.
    • An amount of ₹46.59 crore has been sanctioned under IUDM 2012-13 for 26 Municipalities and Tirunelveli Corporation. Further, ₹4.30 crore was sanctioned to 3 Corporations under O & M Gap Filling Fund-2012-13.
  • Revamping the existing water supply network to ensure equitable distribution of water.
    • Detailed Projects Reports are being prepared under the Project Preparation Fund (PPF) for revamping the existing water supply distribution network in 53 ULBs.
  • Implementation of the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to continuously monitor the transfer of data on water flow, performance and efficiency of pumps and motors, physical and chemical quality parameters of water, etc.
    • Taken up in Tiruchirappalli and Thoothukudi Corporation.
Rain Water Harvesting

The path-breaking Rain Water Harvesting Programme was launched in 2001 under the visionary leadership of the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. The vigorous implementation of this scheme during 2001 - 2006 had reaped rich dividends in enhancing ground water table.

Rain water harvesting structures in all buildings are made mandatory while issuing building Plan approval. The rain water harvesting structures have been created throughout the State which helped to raise the ground water table substantially. The awareness programme for Rain Water Harvesting is also being continued in all the ULBs.

Under O&M Gap filling fund for the year 2012-13 a sum of ₹2.63 Crore has been allocated to Gudiyatham & Nagapattinam Municipality for improving the Rain water Harvesting structures in the Tanks.

Mitigation of drinking water situation in the Delta Districts

To combat drought situation in Tiruchirappalli Corporation and 18 Municipalities of the drought affected Districts, the Hon’ble Chief Minister has allocated a sum of ₹12.20 crore for the provision of additional borewells with hand pumps, mini power pumps, purchase of spare parts for maintenance of existing hand pumps, supply of water through lorries, providing PVC tanks, flushing of existing borewells, replacement of motors and hiring/ purchase of gensets, etc. All the works are in progress.