​​​​​​​​​​Urban Infrastructure

Creating and maintaining urban infrastructure is one of the greatest challenges to the ULBs. The Government accords topmost priority to the creation of quality and efficient infrastructure. Infrastructure works in Urban Local Bodies are taken up by accessing financial assistance from Central/State Government and external funding agencies like World Bank assisted Tamil Nadu Urban Development Project-III (TNUDP-III), German Development Bank (KfW) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).


Special Infrastructure Program
Modern Gasifier Crematorium :

As a measure to protect the environment, in preference to cremation by direct wood burning, construction of crematorium based on the Gasifier technology have been taken up in the urban local bodies. This reduces the use of firewood by more than 50%.

During the year 2012-13, 19 Modern Gasifier Crematorium works have been taken up at an estimated cost of ₹12.79 Crore, under the Infrastructure Gap Filling Fund, O&M Gap Filling Fund and Part II Scheme.

During the year 2013-14 the construction of Modern Gasifier Crematorium will be taken up in 5 Municipalities.

Modern Slaughter Houses

In order to facilitate environment friendly hygienic slaughtering of animals, it has been decided to construct modern slaughter houses in all the Urban Local Bodies.

During the year 2012-2013, under the Infrastructure Gap Filling Fund, O & M Gap Filling Fund, and Part II scheme, 18 Urban Local Bodies have taken up construction of 20 Modern Slaughter Houses at an estimated cost of ₹7.93 crore.

During the year 2013-14, construction of modern slaughter house will be taken up in 5 Municipalities.

Part II Schemes

The State Planning Commission receives the Part II proposals from the Secretariat Departments and scrutinizes the schemes. Priority is given towards developmental expenditure which focus on incremental activity for the benefit of the people. The State Planning Commission recommends and forwards new schemes based on the discussions with the Secretaries and Heads of Departments concerned. These schemes will be further scrutinized by a Committee of the Cabinet, called the Standing Finance Committee presided over by the Chief Minister. The Schemes which are considered necessary by the Standing Finance Committee are provisionally included under Part II of the Budget Proposals.

The Government have sanctioned a grant of ₹13.58 crore for the year 2012-13 under the Part II Schemes for the various works, to the Urban Local Bodies as noted below:


List of Part-II schemes for the year 2013-14

For Annual Plan 2013-14, the government have allotted under two components apportioning for regular and routine nature of schemes (Component-I) and for taking up innovative and special nature of schemes (Component–II).

After weighing the needs and priorities of departments, the State Planning Commission has recommended new schemes and the same were approved by the Government.

During 2013-14, a grant of ₹ 12 crore was sanctioned based on regular & routine nature of schemes and innovative & special nature of schemes and the works are in various implementation stage.

Gap Filling Fund

In order to bridge the gap between the fund requirement and the fund availability, two separate funds have been created by the Government, viz., the Infrastructure Gap Filing Fund and the Operation and Maintenance Gap Filling Fund.

Government ordered that the Infrastructure Gap Filling Fund and O & M Gap Filling Fund shall be distributed to the selected Municipalities/ Municipal Corporations for the purpose mentioned below and to follow the guidelines mentioned below:-

  • Financially weaker ULBs which lack infrastructure facilities and are unable to meet out the expenditure from their own source will be selected for execution of works/ scheme
  • Apart from this, financial assistance will also be provided for the ULBs, which have taken major infrastructure works and are in need of fund.
  • Infrastructure Gap Filling Fund shall be utilized for the execution of urgent/ useful and purposeful works in selected ULBs
  • Similarly financially weaker ULBs which require fund for O & M facilities and are unable to meet out the expenditure from its own source will be selected depending upon the nature of works

The above works are under various stages of implementation.

​During the year 2013-14, a sum of ₹73.25 crore have been allocated under Infrastructure Gap Filling Fund for taking up various infrastructure works.

Infrastructure Gap Filling Fund

Under Infrastructure Gap Filling Fund, during 2012-13, a sum of ₹62.73 crore has been allotted to enable ULBs to take up 1051 works as detailed below:-


Operational and Maintenance Gap Filling Fund

Under O & M Gap Filling Fund during 2012-13, and a sum of ₹41.82 crore has been has been allotted to enable the ULBs to take up 37 works as detailed below:-


During the year 2013-14 an amount ₹48.83 crore under O&M Gap Filling Fund have been allocated for taking up various operations and maintenance works.