​​​​​Street Lights

Street lighting is a basic amenity and one of the most important responsibilities of a local body.

The Corporations (except Chennai) and Municipalities in the State maintain a total of 7.25 lakhs of Street lights. Street lighting expenditure constitutes 25-30 % of the electricity bill of the urban local bodies, which is a heavy burden on the financial resources of the ULBs.

The implementation of uniform measures to increase energy efficiency and to reduce maintenance cost as well as to simultaneously deliver better service to the public, reduce carbon emissions is a major priority for all ULBs.

The following Energy Saving Measures (ESM) are proposed in order to achieve the above objectives:

  1. Replacing Fluorescent Tube Lights (FTL) with energy efficient lights such as LEDs and Solar LED lights.
  2. Dimming of street lights during late night hours with Individual Lamp Monitoring as per Standards.
  3. GIS Mapping of all streetlights in a ULB and to set guidelines for the installation of new poles and luminaries.

On pilot basis, energy efficiency measures have been taken up in 9 corporations and 35 Municipalities of Thanjavur and Tiruppur Region. It is expected to bring about 25-35 % reduction in the electricity bill.

For this project, a sum of ₹111.64 crore have been allocated under IUDM during 2011-12 and 2012-13 and will be implemented.