The following are the sections grouped under Finance department.

D – Section: Budget

The main functions of D-Section are:

  • Budget Estimates
  • A.G. Audit
  • Factual note
  • Join sitting and settlement of Pending A.G. Audit paras
  • Loans, Advances and Grants to Municipalities
  • Issue of authorisation to the Municipalities and Municipal Corporation
LA – Section: Loan Annuities, SFC Devolution, HBA & Mediclaims

The main functions of LA-Section are:

  • All House Building Advances
  • Financial Assistances to employees of ULBs (including corporations)
  • SFC regarding all ULBs - and all matters related thereto
  • Watching the loan annuity of local bodies
  • Infra and O & M Gap filling fund

The organizational hierarchy for the above sections is shown below:


WB – Section: World Bank Project, TNUDP – III

The main function of WB-Section is:​

  • Fund and progress monitoring of External Aided Projects (TNUDP-III, KfW, JICA)