​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Eradication of Open Defecation

In the Vision 2023 statement by the Honourable Chief Minister, the Tamil Nadu government has envisaged the provision of “piped and pressurized 24x7 water supply to 100% of its residents and ensure that all of them have access to safe sanitation including open defecation free and garbage free environment.”

During the budget session 2011-12, the Government has made an announcement as follows:

“This Government is committed to making the state open defecation free by 2015. The solution lies in mapping areas where open defecation is still being practised, providing facilities wherever the need arises, and also putting in place a mechanism to maintain these facilities. The Government will work out an appropriate strategy in this regard and provide infrastructure in phases to cover the entire state of Tamil Nadu by 2015.”

In this regard, among various measures to achieve the aforementioned goal, the Commissionerate of Municipal Administration has designed a universal toilet for the urban residents of Tamil Nadu, especially the urban poor at large. After an intensive exercise that was spread over 6-8 months, the Commissonerate has developed a universal design toilet that is truly meant for the user of the toilet. These toilets can be used by the entire population without any prejudice; they can be used by able bodied men, women and children as well as the elderly and disabled.

The emphasis from the beginning was to provide a facility to the user that is barrier free and gives a feeling of openness without compromising on safety and security. The toilet module is pre-fabricated such that it can be easily installed onsite in the shortest time. The body of the toilet stall is a single mould without joints and the interiors are seamless – no sharp edges and corners to avoid dust accumulation and enable easy maintenance. Adequate lighting, vandal resistant fixtures and accessories and motion sensor lighting powered by solar panel are other distinguishing features of the stall. Each and every touch point within the toilet stall has been finalized keeping in mind the user of the toilet.

These toilet stalls can either be standalone units or can be assembled together to form a row of toilets or even an entire toilet compound with minimum masonry work. Therefore, we intend to create a demand based deployment of these toilets; these can serve as neighbourhood toilets, family toilets, public toilets, community toilets and integrated sanitary complexes.

Initiatives by the Commissionerate Of Municipal Administration:

During 2012-13 a sum of Rs.50.89 crores was released to the Corporations and Municipalities for the improvement of 652 existing toilets and construction of 404 new toilets with special initiatives like universal designs, e-toilets, waterless urinals to conserve water.

This scheme will be continued during the year 2013-14 at a cost of Rs.50.00 crore.

Pilot Project taken up in Tambaram and Srirangam (Trichirappalli Corporation).

Tambaram Municipality and Sri Rangam of Trichirappalli Corporation have been selected for implementation of the Universal design toilet on pilot basis. Two men toilet units, one women toilet unit, and one disabled friendly/elderly person Toilet unit have been provided with urinals in locations in Tambaram.

eod1.jpg eod2.jpg


In Srirangam area of Trichirappalli Corporation, the Namma Toilet concept was followed and installed modular toilet complexes.

eod4.jpg eod5.jpg

Model tender Documents for Construction of Universal design Toilets, Modular toilet Complex, Sanitary Complex (Public/Community Toilets) has been prepared and communicated to the Municipalities and Corporations for implementation.

During the year 2012-13, the Government has sanctioned a sum of Rs.8.19 crore for construction of 333 units of well designed differently abled user friendly toilets in public buildings in 108 Municipalities.