​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​AMMA Scheme (AMMA- Assured Maximum Service to Marginal People in All Villages)

The Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has devised “AMMA Scheme” to offer maximum service to marginal people of all villages through the Revenue department. As per the guidance and instructions of the Honourable Chief Minister, the Honourable Revenue Minister has inaugurated this scheme in Erode district on 24.02.2013. Presently, this scheme is progressing successfully in all districts of the state.

Through this AMMA Scheme, a group headed by Revenue Department officials and Tashildar would visit every village on every Tuesday to meet the people and seek their grievances. The petitions concerned with their grievances would be obtained from them. After reviewing their petitions, necessary orders would be immediately made for speedy action. This exceptional scheme aims to visit 16,671 revenue villages in Tamil Nadu and efforts are made to resolve the grievances and problems completely in the first round itself. Till 20th of September, 2013, totally 32,69,952 petitions have been obtained under the AMMA Scheme and 26,78,140 petitions have been successfully completed with appropriate solutions.

Meanwhile, a humble request has been forwarded to the notice of Honourable Chief Minister to change the AMMA Scheme Camp from every Tuesday to every Friday to facilitate the members of legislative assembly and ministers to participate in the AMMA Scheme Camp along with elected local body representatives. The Honourable Chief Minister has acknowledged the request and instructed to conduct the AMMA Scheme Camp henceforth on every Friday. As per the orders of Honourable Chief Minister, the Revenue Department of the state government has advised all districts collectors in a letter dated on 18.9.2013 to conduct the AMMA Scheme Camp on every Friday in all districts which was earlier conducted on Tuesdays.

As this scheme has received an overwhelming reception from the general public, all district collectors are instructed to successfully carry out this exceptional scheme.