The following are specific roles of sections involved in the Accounts wing of the Commissionerate of municipal administration.

A - Section: Staff Salaries and Facilities Claim

The following bills are prepared by this section:

  • Staff salary bills
  • Non-salary bills
  • GPF bills
  • Surrender / Earn Leave
  • Travelling Allowance
  • Transfer travelling allowance
  • Leave Travel Concession bills
  • Other Contingency bill viz. Telephone bills, Fuel Charges etc.
  • Settlement of Health Insurance Expenditure
  • SFC - Preparation of bills in respect of State Finance Commission Grant released by the State Government to the Urban Local Bodies.

The various schemes implemented by the Urban Local bodies with assistance of State and Central Government and other necessary contingency bills are prepared in the ‘A’ Section after getting the proceedings from the CMA authorizing the Accounts officer to draw and settle the amount. The prepared bills are submitted to the Pay and Accounts Officer (East) for passing the bill as per the Budget.

All the above bills are presented to the PAO (East) through the software designed by the National informatic Centre (NIC) and payment is made through online Electronic Clearance System (ECS)

L- Section: Settlement of Audit (LF audit)
  • Director of Local Fund Accounts Audit Report of Municipalities and its review of all Regions
  • Conduct of High Level Committee

The organizational hierarchy for the above sections is shown below:


B - Section: Pension Related Issues
  • Retired Municipal Commissioners - Pension, DCRG, and all Pension benefits
  • RDMA's T.A. Bills/ Medical Reimbursement of Bills / Arrear Claim / Review of Diaries and Tour Programmes.
  • Pension and Retirement Benefits of Municipal Employees
  • Provisional pension and commutation of Pension
  • Pension and DCRG / House Building Advances / Special Provident Fund / Health Fund / Medical reimbursement in respect of CMA Office and RDMA Office.
  • Fixation of Pay and sanction of increment

The organizational hierarchy for the above section is shown below: